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Puppy Den Daycare

The Puppy Den is proud to be the very first daycare and training company in the Madison-area exclusively for puppies! We provide a safe, supervised, and structured environment for your puppy as they mentally and physically develop, learn about the world around them, and socialize with other puppies.
Puppyhood is the most critical period in your new puppy’s life and we are here to help make sure they get the positive experiences and socialization they need to grow up into a wonderful, well-mannered part of your family.
We would love to be your puppy experts and help guide you and your new family member through puppyhood and beyond!

Puppy Den Announcements

You've heard of goat yoga, now experience PUPPY YOGA! 
Join us on Saturday March 3rd (8:30am) at The Puppy Den for our next class! 
Together with the puppies you will experience playful flow yoga lead by The Inspired Mat, perfect for beginners, all the while snuggling some of the cutest puppies in Madison! You bring your mat, we'll bring the puppies!
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Check out The Puppy Den's BRAND NEW class: Baby Sports
Interested in signing your puppy up for a dog sport class when they are old enough? Looking for a fun new way to train, socialize, and interact with your puppy as they grow older? Join us for a great (and fun!) way to safely introduce your puppy to the foundation skills needed in dog sports like agility, rally, freestyle, and treibball! We will work on building drive, attention skills, body awareness, and confidence by introducing various exercises they may experience if they move on to future dog sport classes! This 6 week class is for all puppies under 6-months-old. Our first session starts this March!

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Puppy Den Testimonials

“I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything The Dog Den has done for Sadie and me. Your company is so very generous to dogs in foster care...”