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About Us


With a sense of fun and attention, we provide exceptional canine care and training to all puppies that come in to our facility. Every member of The Puppy Den team, regardless of their position, touches and impacts the puppies that come in to our lives. Quality dog care and training are the most important messages of all. 

We are an award winning facility, having won not only several Best of Madison awards but also the Dane County Small Business award 2014. 

Meet Laura and the Dog Den Team

Our Facility

We have an open-door policy - Doggie Mom's and Dad's are more than welcome to stop in or call anytime to watch their pups play, or call during the day to see how they are doing!

At The Puppy Den, we use as many eco-friendly pet products and materials as possible and adopt ecologically-responsible business practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

We recycle… not only plastic bottles but pet supplies! We encourage donations of lightly-used or unwanted pet supplies and food. Maybe your puppy isn’t digging that chew toy? Give it to one who will! We collect pet supplies and plastic bags in our donation bin and donate to local rescue organizations and shelters.

We reuse… paper, old dog crates, and even dog collars and leashes. While our online scheduling system cuts down on our paper consumption, all the paper we do use in the facility is recycled and contains post-consumer waste. Would you like to donate your old pet supplies?

The Dog DenWe support local causes… We donate space in our obedience classes and daycare to pups currently in rescue situations and regularly donate to local schools charities. We donate our time to volunteer at the Dane County Humane Society as well as many Wisconsin breed rescue groups. We donate free classes to organizations like OccuPaws, who's mission is to place well trained guide dogs of excellent health and temperament with Wisconsin residents who have visual disabilities.

Our Training Philosophy

The philosophy behind our puppy training center is simple. We love puppies. Yep, we are all what you would call "dog people". Probably just like you, we just couldn't imagine our lives without dogs in them.

We believe that trained pups are happier and healthier, and lead better lives than untrained ones, so we’ve worked hard to create a system of training that is effective but easy. We want to take the chore out of training puppies, because we think that a well-behaved dog enhances the lives of everyone around them. Our  training methods are based on scientifically-proven positive reinforcement training. Because we are constantly educating ourselves on the latest dog training techniques and behavior modifications, we are updating the curriculum of our classes often to make sure you are receiving the best training around!