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About Us


The Puppy Den is proud to be the very first daycare and training company in the Madison-area exclusively for puppies! We provide a safe, supervised, and structured environment for your puppy as they mentally and physically develop, learn about the world around them, and socialize with puppies their own age.

We are a behavior and positive-reinforcement training-focused facility that fills your puppy's day with more than just play, but also constant training on polite manners, proper play, and basic obedience cues. The first six months are the most critical stages in your new puppy's life and we are here to help make sure he gets the positive experiences and socialization he needs to grow up into a wonderful, well-mannered part of your family.  

We are an award winning facility, having won not only several Best of Madison awards but also the Dane County Small Business award 2014. 

Meet Laura and the Dog Den Team

Our daycare

The Puppy Den's daycare play groups are designed and structured for your individual puppy based on his age and developmental stage in life. Unlike adult dogs, puppies are learning everything for the very first time and our trained staff provide constant supervision and guidance to make sure your puppy is having a fun and educational experience when he comes to play!  

At The Puppy Den, you will find the most attentive and qualified staff to take care of your puppy. Our Playgroup Leaders are highly-trained experts in puppy development, appropriate play, positive socialization, and the important training your puppy needs during this period of his life. 

We have an open-door policy - Doggie Mom's and Dad's are more than welcome to stop in or call anytime to watch their pups play, or call during the day to see how they are doing!

At The Puppy Den, we use as many eco-friendly pet products and materials as possible and adopt ecologically-responsible business practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

We recycle… not only plastic bottles but pet supplies! We encourage donations of lightly-used or unwanted pet supplies and food. Maybe your puppy isn’t digging that chew toy? Give it to one who will! We collect pet supplies and plastic bags in our donation bin and donate to local rescue organizations and shelters.

We reuse… paper, old dog crates, and even dog collars and leashes. While our online scheduling system cuts down on our paper consumption, all the paper we do use in the facility is recycled and contains post-consumer waste. Would you like to donate your old pet supplies?

We support local causes… We donate space in our obedience classes and daycare to pups currently in rescue situations and regularly donate to local schools charities. We donate our time to volunteer at the Dane County Humane Society as well as many Wisconsin breed rescue groups. We donate free classes to organizations like OccuPaws, who's mission is to place well trained guide dogs of excellent health and temperament with Wisconsin residents who have visual disabilities.

Our Training Philosophy

Training should be as enjoyable for dogs as it is for owners, so we strive to bring innovative new ideas and games to our classes. Training should also involve positive, quick, easy, and effective methods that are within the capabilities of all family members, so we encourage all family members, no matter their age, to join us in all of the fun of training! 

Our program of All Star puppy training classes is designed to create a real-life, off-leash training environment to provide the opportunity for owners to work on socialization, bite inhibition, temperament training, common behavioral concerns, and off-leash verbal listening. After all, puppies are off-leash 95% of the time they are at home with you, so why would you want to train them any other way? Because our All Star classes are taught off-leash, your puppy will learn, at a young age, he must listen even with high-level distractions surrounding them. 

Our Puppy Kindergarten program is a great way to get your puppy off on the right paw from the very start. As a series of three unique workshops, Puppy Kindergarten fits into any schedule as you can start with any workshop at any time! 

Needed extra help on training at home? Don't have time to attend a six-week training class, but want to get your puppy off on the right paw? Ask us about our Behavior Consults and private training lessons that we can arrange either in your home or at The Puppy Den. These individualized training lessons will be customized to specifically help you accomplish your training goals in your lifestyle and schedule! 


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