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The Puppy Den Enrollment Process

The Dog Den

We accept healthy puppies of all ages - even Puppies as young as 8 weeks! We just ask that they have their first series of shots and their bordatella vaccination. Puppies starting their first day with us must be 6 months old or younger, any puppy over the age of 6 months should check out The Dog Den Fitchburg & East locations!

Puppies coming to play must be spayed or neutered at 6 months old. All puppies must be current on DHLPP, Rabies and Bordatella vaccinations. We will also accept titers.

We recommend at least a one-day-per-week commitment to keep your puppy's social skills up, and so they can see their doggy friends on a regular basis! Puppies do best at daycare when they come on regular days during the week. Just like children they make friends at daycare, and when they hang out with their regular group of friends each week (ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday) they are more relaxed, know the routine well and have their own little "clicks". We have a lot of "best friends" at daycare - Some pups play with the same few puppies for the entire day and are happy to see them on a regular basis because they all come on the same days each week!

We consider your puppy's entire first day his "gradual enrollment day", rather than do a quick 5 minute evaluation. This is when we determine if your puppy is a good candidate for puppy daycare, and if they have fun being there! We will observe their behavior with the pack and make sure that they are not only a good fit for daycare, but that they enjoys themselves! We observe them not only when they first gets here, but throughout the day, with different pups, and at the end of the day when they might be tired... If we notice any problems we will contact you immediately. Because we are very cautious and only allow extremely friendly and appropriate pups, our program may not be right for every puppy; The Puppy Den reserves the right to make this determination. Owners must sign a rules and regulations form, client agreement, and be prepared for a very tired puppy when they come back to pick him up!

We encourage appropriate play, ask puppies to wait at the door, sit for petting, etc. We also separate the puppies into appropriate playgroups: first by age and size (small dogs vs. large dogs) and then also by play type (gentle vs. physical).

Here is a checklist for your puppy's first day of daycare:

  • Please drop off your puppy no later than 7:00am on their first scheduled day.
  • Bring copies of your pup's vaccination records for our files - including bordatella and a clear fecal within the past 6 months. If you prefer, have your vet fax these to us prior to your first scheduled day.
  • Allow yourself an extra 30 minutes during this first drop off day for paperwork and any questions. Please remember that topical flea & tick treatment is poison to other puppies also. Please have it on your puppy for at least 48 hours before bringing them to play with others.
  • We highly recommend bringing a lunch or snack for your puppy. Please bring in a plastic, airtight container (Tupperware type container) with his or her name written on it. They burn a lot of energy and are typically hungry by naptime! All puppies will have a mid day nap, and they will be much happier if they have a snack first!

Some breeds have different play types by nature. We do have some working breeds and terriers that we require to start at daycare while they are still puppies, so we can help develop appropriate play manners. If you think your dog may fall under this category please call or email us and we can determine if he is a good daycare candidate!

Thank you again for considering our daycare - we can't wait to meet your puppy!

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