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3124 Syene Rd. | Madison, WI 53713 | 608-665-3375
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The Puppy Den’s play groups are designed and structured for your individual puppy based on his age and developmental stage in life. Unlike adult dogs, puppies are learning everything for the very first time and our highly-trained staff provide constant supervision and guidance to make sure your puppy is having a fun and educational experience when he comes to play!

At The Puppy Den, you will find the most attentive and qualified staff to take care of your pup. Our Playgroup Leaders are experts in puppy development, appropriate play, positive socialization, and the important training your puppy needs during this period in his life. For more advanced training, our Canine Behavior Specialists are experts in dog behavior, training, pet first aid & CPR, therapy dog training, different doggie activities and FUN!

The Puppy Den accepts new puppies 8-weeks to 6-months-old. If your puppy is over 6-months-old, visit The Dog Den to get started at one of our adult daycare locations.

Once your puppy is attending daycare with us, they are welcome to continue coming to play until they are ready to graduate to one of our adult daycares: The Dog Den Fitchburg or The Dog Den East! We evaluate each puppy as an individual and your puppy may graduate anytime between the ages of 6 months to 8 months old.

What makes The puppy den Daycare and Training different from other facilities?

  • We are exclusively for puppies!
  • Constant supervision from our highly-trained staff
  • Puppies as young as 8 weeks are welcome
  • Playgroup Leaders are professional dog trainers and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR
  • Focus on behavior (asked to wait at the door, taught not to jump on people, etc.)
  • Fun activities such as special art projects, Badger Saturdays, and much more!
  • One-On-One Training available while at daycare
  • Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Eye Wipe and Light Grooming Available
  • Open 6:30am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday, Click here for Hours & Rates
  • Free administration of medications and lunches (provided by owners)
  • Daycare Packages available (save money!) 
  • Private Training Sessions and Behavior Consults available

"You have been a great support network for us since Carson was a little puppy.  It's great to know there are businesses and business owner's that truly have a passion for their work.  The Dog Den is clearly a business with very passionate people." Beth & Carson