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Puppy Kindergarten

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Our Puppy Kindergarten Class is a uniquely formatted series of 3-courses that is specially designed for you to get your puppy started with socialization and training as soon as possible! TIME IS TICKING when it comes puppy development and the two most important things a puppy must learn is good bite inhibition (by 18 weeks) and to be properly socialized (by 12 weeks)! Each class focuses on a different topic, and none of the classes build off of each other so you can begin at any time! You have six weeks to complete the entire series, so if you can’t make one of the topics that week you can catch the next round of the class you missed! Our three topics address the most crucial part of a puppy’s new life in your home: proper socialization, bite inhibition, and intro to household manners.


Puppy Kindergarten can be taken before or simultaneously with our All Star 1 puppy class. Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies that will begin the program at ages 8-12 weeks. 


Early socialization and training are critical in ensuring your puppy grows up to become a confident, well-mannered part of your family—so get started now!


You can purchase the entire series for $75 on their first night of class. Your puppy must have completed their first round of vaccines by the first class, specifically the DHLPP or DHPP vaccine. Please bring a copy of your puppy’s vaccines on their first night.


puppy socialization


This class will focus on how to safely and properly socialize your puppy to new people, places, and things. We will cover appropriate puppy play, confidence building exercises and how to throw a Puppy Party. You will learn about the critical periods of puppy socialization and the timelines for your own puppy to become a well-socialized and confident dog. For this class please bring your puppy’s dinner (kibble) and some other tasty, higher value treats. Please also feel free to bring along any objects (such as strange hats, umbrellas, noisy household objects, etc.) that you would like to socialize your puppy to during class.


puppy handling & bite inhibition


During this class we will focus on teaching a “soft mouth” or good bite inhibition with your puppy and you will learn exercises to practice this at home. You will learn the timeline and goals for creating good bite inhibition. We will also go over body handling and gentle restraint that will be beneficial during veterinary exams and at home care (like nail trims). You will also learn how to settle your puppy to build their frustration tolerance and forming positive experiences with collar grabs not only with you, but new people. For this class please bring your puppy’s dinner (kibble), some tasty, higher value


treats, their favorite toy, as well as nail trimmers or body harnesses that you may have at home.


intro to household manners


This class’s focus will be on potty training, proper chew toy training, crate training, barking, how to be at home alone, enrichment games, and how to prevent separation anxiety and resource guarding.  We will cover all the basics to avoid common mistakes while teaching your puppy all the new rules of the home. Do it right the first time and you can avoid all of the typical puppy problems that are easily preventable! For this class please bring your puppy’s dinner (kibble), some tasty, higher value treats, Kong’s/stuff-able chew toys, and your puppy’s favorite soft toy.


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Puppy Socialization

May 24

Jun 14

Jul 26

Aug 16

Sep 6



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Puppy Handling & Bite Inhibition

May 31

Jun 21 - FULL

Jul 12

Aug 2

Aug 23

Sep 13



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Intro to Household Manners

May 17

June 7

Jun 28

July 19

Aug 9

Aug 30

Sep 20



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