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we will be closed for the following holidays (2019):

Easter Weekend - Saturday, April 20th
Memorial Day Weekend 
- Saturday, May 25th
Independence Day Weekend - Saturday, July 6th
Labor Day Weekend - Saturday, August 31st
Thanksgiving Weekend - Saturday, November 30th
Christmas Weekend - Saturday, December 21st
New Years Day Weekend - Saturday, December 28th

**join us for the spooktacular puppy social hour on saturday, october 26th!**

Socialization shouldn't be spooky. Join us for a costume party to help positively socialize your puppy to some of the fun and silly things we humans like to do in celebration of Halloween! There will be unique Halloween enrichment opportunities, photos, treats for all, a costume contest as well as our usual social hour fun! 

So join us in your costume on Saturday, October 26th from 10a-11a. This special event is $10 per puppy for everyone. No coupons will be accepted for this Puppy Social Hour. Please see below for more details if this will be your first Puppy Social Hour. Pre-registration is not required but appreciated. If your puppy is new to social hour, please follow the instructions below! 

puppy social hour at the puppy den

Puppy Social Hour is part of a unique program to help socialize and train your puppy under the guidance of our highly-training Playgroup Leaders during the most important developmental period of their young life. You and your puppy will fill the hour with learning about appropriate play, teaching your puppy various enrichment games, and of course leaving with a tuckered out pup!

The key to having a well-socialized adult dog is to first have a well-socialized puppy! Puppies are not born knowing how to play with other dogs. They need to experience dogs and humans of all shapes, sizes, and play-styles. 

Dog parks and play dates with older dogs can be a great energy outlet for an older pup, but they may not be the best place to socialize your young puppy:

  • You cannot guarantee each dog your puppy comes into contact with will be properly vaccinated.  Puppies are building their immunities at this young age and even exposure to an area that an ill dog has been can be detrimental to a puppy.  At our Puppy Social Hour (and daycare), we check that each dog is up to date on his or her vaccinations. We will send home dogs that we suspect are ill and we clean/sanitize daily.  
  • You run the risk of running into adult dogs that are not friendly towards puppies. The last thing you want to happen at this critical stage of learning is for your pup to have a traumatic experience! This is why it is not safe to take your little puppy to the off-leash dog parks until they are older and have had proper socialization and positive exposure to many dogs.  That way, they already have appropriate greeting/playing skills and will not learn bad habits from older dogs. 
  • If your puppy is only exposed to playing with well-socialized adult dogs, he will learn that he can bite hard when he plays because adult dogs have a higher pain tolerance than young puppies. When he grows up to be an adult dog himself, he will still have a hard bite. Unfortunately, that can cause problems with other dogs and make other dogs perceive him as being a bully.  

Puppy Social Hour is much more than just socializing with other puppies! Just as important—if not more—is making sure your puppy is properly socialized to LOTS of people!

  • Not only will your puppy get plenty of puppy play time, but they will also meet and be handled by lots of new people during Puppy Social Hour because friends and family are always welcome to join you and your puppy.
  • Owners stay with their puppies during playgroups, so your puppy will be exposed to different men, women, and children each week. 

Puppy Social Hour is: 

  • Every Saturday from 10am to 11am!
  • For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age who are up to date on their Distemper and Bordetella vaccines and who have received a clear fecal test.
  • $5 for puppies who make a reservation before Friday at noon. Drop-ins are welcome and are $7 for the hour.
  • For all members of your human-family! 
  • Always supervised by one of our highly-trained Playgroup Leaders who are happy to answer any questions your might have and give training tips as you work with your puppy.
  • A great way to learn about proper play and canine body language as our Playgroup Leaders are always present to help you identify was is appropriate and what is not as your puppy develops through puppyhood and adolescence.
  • A great way to meet other puppy owners!


New to puppy social hour? 

On your first day, we have an orientation at 9:30am for all new pups and their owners to go over the basics and learn what to expect at the different stations at Puppy Social Hour.

If you’re new to Puppy Social Hour please follow the link below and fill out our enrollment form! 

Playgroup Registration for First Time Attendees


puppy social hour regular?

If you have been to Puppy Social Hour before and would like to reserve a spot for upcoming date(s) please fill out our form below!

Playgroup Reservation – Recurring Attendees